Various styles

Work In Progress / 18 June 2023
 In studio Paranormal - We were always developing different art styles and rotoscope/animation techniques. But current AI revolution is a possibility to make our pipeline even more versatile. Take a look at these few styles we were testing recently. We are creating not only different art vibe but unique motion feel as well.

Actor swap - research

Making Of / 20 May 2023
🎥👩‍🎨⚗ In studio Paranormal - We are developing pipeline for use of AI in movies and games. This swap animation was not made by Ebsynth nor Deforum - Controlnet was used and Stable diffusion 1.5 in the process. If you want to help us build these future techniques, let us know!
We don't accept any betatesting now, but we are open for investment or development collaboration 🤗

Ancient ruins style testing

Making Of / 04 May 2023

🖌🎥⚗🔣 In studio Paranormal - we love to explore new visual styles and approaches how to make them even more expressive in motion.This technique is exploring the way how to use AI + human touch and stylize environment in video.

Paranormal animals - behind the scenes

General / 06 March 2023

This portfolio post was updated a little behind the scenes to reveal what animals are hiding behind their Paranormal version.

Hat girl research

General / 01 March 2023

New result from our Paranormal's kitchen.We are still pushing these animation/rotoscopy/stylization solutions as we didi even before AI.
Here is also release of the whole collection we did meanwhile in teh portfolio post:
We are very interested how does it feel to you? Could you imagine to watch whole movie in this style?

Peaceful chritmas!

General / 20 December 2022

project here:
It was a crazy year. Whole Paranormal wish you all -  peaceful Christmas and successful new year 2023!

Historical illustration

General / 16 December 2022

In Paranormal studio - We love history and historical illustration, especially medieval thematics is something we enjoy a lot.

Lower framerate

General / 30 November 2022

We have got a request from the community to try a lower frame rate in our animations. Here is the test, which utilizes per frame flickering and non standard frame rate as well.How does it feel? What do you think - is it helping the style or not?  

AI animation stabilization

General / 28 November 2022

AI animation can suffer from being too chaotic for some viewers.That's why we are working on the solution to stabilize this motion.Take a look at some results. How does it feel to you?

Jan Žižka - Medieval - movie poster

General / 25 November 2022

Poster realisation for the movie Jan Žižka - Medieval - concept phase
Before the final poster was approved, we developed many variations and different compositions for director Petr Jákl to choose from. Here you can take a look at the sample of posters which were considered but didn't make it into the final selection. Which one is your favourite?