Mucha - Rose

General / 20 May 2022

Mucha - Rose - animation done in Paranormal studio for Imucha show.

Mucha animation

General / 13 May 2022

Mucha - zodiac - animation done in Paranormal studio for Imucha show.

Familia exhibition openning

General / 09 May 2022

Photos from exhibition opening - in domestic Contemplation gallery.

My parents always wanted to have a domestic gallery - well they did it! One of the first exhibition is the family one. All members contributed with their art pieces and created a mixture of styles nad approaches in the space. It was pretty cozy afternoon/evening - thanks to all visitors, interprets and artists.

Asian amazon

General / 06 May 2022

project here:
Asian amazon - another synth from our Paranormal kitchen.

Living painting works behind the scenes

General / 02 May 2022

Living painting works behind the scenes - animations created in Paranormal in cooperation with PFX. Videos were produced for Strepsils spot.

New article about Paranormal studio

Article / 22 April 2022

New article about Paranormal studio in asian server about CG art. Thank you very much for the pleasant interview.

Jungle temple project

General / 13 April 2022

Jungle temple - new motion concept art project done in Paranormal.


Mystical creatures publication - featuring our Mermaid

General / 23 March 2022

We are happy to be part of this beatiful publication about mystical and fantasy creatures all over the various cultures in the world.
Congrants to all the artists, designers and authors involved - the book looks and feels beautiful.
Link to the original project:

Action and Reaction

General / 01 March 2022

Action and Reaction
This is the first time in my life I really feel the closeness of the real war conflict - living in the center of Europe. Now I know, I was simply lucky. But our close neighbours were not. They are true Heroes and they need Help. Please support them however you can.

Keeper animation

General / 28 February 2022

Animation scene produced by Paranormal studio
- original painting by Tomáš Duchek
- music by Film Crux