New roto test

General / 01 October 2021

I am often trying different techniques how to "rotoscope" the video and enrich it with an artistic stylization feel. I always figure out something I haven't tried before... This is another test from my "kitchen". How does this one feels to you?

Next phase

General / 29 September 2021

Next phase of designing this little monk character.
Please give me your advice again - which design do you prefer?

Character sketching

General / 24 September 2021

I am just sketching this little character... Even you don't know anything about him, which design would you pick?

Monkeys - such a beautiful animals.

General / 21 September 2021

Trying some brushes...

General / 20 September 2021

I need to study more...

General / 16 September 2021

My first Token released

General / 13 April 2021
Get my first NFT with the signed PRINT
As a digital painter, I love the idea of owning digital "code" of my artwork. But still, I feel I should provide also something tangible. I was always printing my paintings, so I've decided to merge both worlds.
So if you buy this NFT, I will send you this high quality print on canvas with signature and certificate of course. 
Beacuse I want to support this platform like an art market, and to have also signed print feels more complete package for me. If you like my creations this is the great way how to support me. Thank you! 

New Ebsynth result - live footage action

General / 05 October 2020
Cinematic works have always been my goal. Now, with my amazing EbSynth team, we can animate my illustrations and bring my concept art into the movie realm. The best thing is, you can paint almost anything on the actors and it will come to life with them. And we keep to pushing it further. Stay tuned!

New study in motion

General / 23 September 2020
Another study in motion. Once again, brought to life with EbSynth. It's pretty fun to try.

Moving animal study

General / 17 September 2020

Instead of  making a static study, I thought, why not make a moving one! Many artists usually do some quick or elaborate studies from videos, or movies... The great thing is that a study usually fits the movie frame. So, why not use EbSynth and make it move with the video. Try it out - it's fun! This one I did with the new Ebsynth beta. You can find it here: