Historical fighters - final cut

General / 24 February 2022

Final cut of the whole collection and portfolio post
music by Film Crux

Web structures

General / 22 February 2022

Original idea behind these sketches was actually about nanotechnology. Imagine if these self-replicating machines would run out from the lab or factory and start living in wilderness. Still following their programmed behavior they would  be blindly building weird structures, or manipulating nature in some strange way...

Orange princess animation

General / 18 February 2022

Next animation test done in Paranormal - this one is bit more traditional technique - no synthing, just an old good fashioned modeling, rigging and animation. How does it feel to you?
Music by Film crux

Musketeer animation

General / 16 February 2022

Musketeer painting and animation - done in Paranormal studio. Music by Film Crux

Given sword animation

General / 14 February 2022

Another one done in Paranormal studio - we are still testing the moving brush strokes - how does it feel to you? Is it disturbing or not?
Music by Film Crux


Lifted Stones with music

General / 11 February 2022

Finally found a good music and audio for this animation
Music by Film Crux

Sad knight

General / 09 February 2022

"Don't be sad brother. We will conquer the Jerusalem next time."
Still experiemnting with the "smuges noise" animations... and fps - not sure what is the ideal setup. What do you think?
Music by Film Crux

Medieval cut and finally artstation post

General / 07 February 2022

Black swordsman - parallax

General / 06 February 2022

Parallax version of the painting Black swordsman

They are coming

General / 28 January 2022

Reworked scene from the Paranormal studio projects.