Releasing Ebsynth - first and free app for motion paintings!

General / 06 July 2019

Finally it comes true!
First app for "motion painting" it's here and it's free!
That is what I was working on with my friends for a while. And we are releasing it out for anybody. It's a new technique giving new possibilities. Although still an alpha kind of release it works and demonstrate the process. You should definitely try, because I am super curious about your feedback.
Everything needed you'll find here: 
I will inform you about the next development in this blog. Stay tunned!

study and experimentation

General / 13 January 2019

deer girl sketch

General / 06 January 2019

Thinking about some new character... searching for ideas about deer girl/woman. Do you have any?

studying and experimenting

General / 26 August 2018

Alice - face test

General / 09 July 2018

sketching - testing - experimenting - studying

General / 06 July 2018

Interview in Vision magazine

General / 06 July 2018

Thanks for the interview in design magazine Vision. It was great to answer questions about my work, passion and drive for concept and illustration in the industry and art world these days. Vision is pretty solid, fresh and eyes opening, full of original people from art, design, fashion and photography. Try it out, I was amazed!

Church finished

General / 05 July 2018

Red hood release

General / 02 July 2018

WIP - looking for angle

General / 28 June 2018

WIP - working on something new
I am looking for good camera angle in this church interior for the shot/image. To be contunied!