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General / 22 June 2018

Living concept resurrection

General / 21 June 2018

It's time to continue on some older project.
I was developing experimental app for animation to bring live into concept art and still images. Good news - I've conecned with art and animation studio The Rascals to make it a real thing! It's gonna be hard task because I have to make a lot's of tests and create whole workflow for this type of work. I am on the begining again and it will take time. Pls don't ask me when it's gonna be finished, I have no idea - it's a one big experiment. It could fail completely. But I believe in it so please wish my good luck! The working title for this is Living concept. Stay tuned!
#animation #conceptart #illustration

raven sketches - pls choose

General / 14 June 2018

Please help me with composition selection for the next image I am working on - which one would you choose?



vertigo morning

General / 07 June 2018

final image of black market

General / 05 June 2018

photobash experiments - into teh jungle

General / 04 June 2018


General / 02 June 2018

palying with balloons

General / 02 June 2018

playing with colors

General / 01 June 2018

weird mixing

General / 30 May 2018