22 November 2017

Workflow test
In this update I am proofing the 2d/3d workflow for myself. I love experimentation, but it demands a lot of testing without guaranteed success. So I've decided to make small bust from the sketch before to explore my ideas. I am usign mostly Maya and it's sculpting tools + Photoshop. It supposed to be a sculpt, with clay look, but finally I added subtle tint to enhance the gill and special eye to add more character to the creature. Result is not bad, for design purposes process was faster than I expected.
I hope I'll do some tutorial for the technique itself later. Whole thing is rendered in Redshift.

... To be conutied ...  

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17 November 2017
Pose sketching
Here you can see how I am utilizing some stuff from exploration before and trying to capture the creature with simple gesture sketches. I am watching references of girls, mostly under water, to get idea about some nice figure pose. And in the same time I am projecting all the water body elements into their figures. Many of them won't be selected and I delete them. But they are not useless, the bad sketches can help me to distinguish the good ones.

... To be conutied ... 


16 November 2017

 Limbs evolution test
Beluga test was interesting. During this work I decided to do something similar but with human limbs. These are very important feature of developing character. Ps is very versatile and you can deform the source in various ways to clarify your ideas. I used picture of female anatomical model from They have perfect models. I even own the male version. So the goal was to literally flaten the leg and make the foot bones spread to create something like a flipper. During the process, I discovered, I really like to introduce skin membrane like a part of the body. It's not typical for marine mammals, but it looks cool.

... To be continued ...   

#character design #conceptart #design #illustration #drawing #whales #alien #mermaid


15 November 2017

Human to beluga
If I am doing human like underwater creature, the first appearing idea is, of course, mermaid. So I've decided to explore little bit this direction as well. Mermaids were mythical, but people mostly pointing on Belugas, or sea cows  like a source of these stories. Belugas are beautiful! Their silhouettes and some body parts trully resembles humans underwater. I was curious how difficult would be to transform human figure into this white whale. I made it on Ps by typical photo editing/painting techniques to explore transformation process which could help me with my idea searching.
... To be continued ...

#character design #conceptart #design #illustration #drawing #whales #alien #mermaid


14 November 2017
 *** research discoveries ***
During the research I've found many interesting ideas. One of the most fascinating is the story of whales in our ocean. As some of you know they were actually terrestrial animals with 4 limbs, as you can see in this picture where I collected many examples of transformation. That could help me with the design.
 Our symbol of evolution is coming from the water to the ground but these creatures made the opossite step and came back to the water to became the biggest organisms in our known history. That's a progress right! :D
So even if I don't plan to make whale type character, this "opposite" evolutional approach would be very strong and symbolic feature for my "alien". It's gonna be something like human-mammal which took different direction and that's why it's alien. But in the way like a mirror reflection of our selves.

... To be continued ... 

#character design #conceptart #design #illustration #drawing #whales #alien   


14 November 2017
 *** research discoveries ***
I've decided to make something again.
This time I will focus on underwater/alien-girl type character. I am starting with research - watching some animal documentaries, collecting reference pictures and making these wild scribbles. I need to fill my mind with usefull information and transfer it into lines and shapes of ideas about the character.

...To be continued...

Gathered Compilation

29 March 2016
Recently I've done batch of time lapse videos. I was wondering it would be nice to make little compilation for tracking my progress and sharing the creative process with others. So here is it - Enjoy the video! :)

Check the works on Tumblr >

Waterfall study

26 March 2016

The Sisters

24 March 2016
New Zeppelin design for my friend's IP - Enjoy the final and the process! :)

Figure studies

15 March 2016

Study, study, study - now, I have to improve my figure skills - I've never really focused on it - so I have to study hard... I hope my enthusiasm won't disappear soon - check the time lapse! :)